Crystal’s Approach

Crystal Beiswenger began her career in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) field as a behavior therapist 10 years ago.  She first studied psychology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana before obtaining her Master’s Degree in Social Work from IUPUI .  While getting her MSW and afterwards, she worked under Vince LaMarca doing in-home ABA programs. With more than 10 years of experience in the ABA field, Crystal earned a very strong, positive reputation and was offered a position to take charge of an autism therapy center in Carmel, Indiana.

therapy-services-paintingAfter a year and a half of leading autism therapy programs and building a solid therapy foundation, Crystal decided to devote time to start a family. She decided to leave the autism center in Carmel, but within days of leaving families began calling her asking for assistance in both starting and running in-home ABA therapy programs. Beiswenger immediately recognized the opportunities to make a difference in these families’ lives, so she decided to start her own ABA therapy company in Indiana – Crystal’s Behavior Solutions.

Over her time as a behavioral analyst providing therapy and treatment for children with autism, there have been many success stories.  Many of Crystal’s clients now function independently in schools with no aide needed and learn at a typical kid’s rate. Simply put, they no longer need ABA services.

While Crystal has been able to help many, there are two extraordinary stories of children with autism that have excelled to the point of losing their diagnosis and no longer needing ABA therapy services.

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